Monday, December 18, 2017

Aproval to take the NCE in December

Today, Monday December 18th I am approved by Patricia and Professor Ramos to take the NCE in December. I am anxiously looking at my email every half hour to see if the NBCRNA is following up but they have not and it is already 1230pm. I am going to chill out there are still 4 business hours in Chicago. Or wherever they do it. This is not so much eustress but real stress. I digress.

So the permission came from Patricia this morning and it came from the NBCRNA around 309 pm today. I have been sweating bullets all day waiting for the email. It is here.

Thank You Ramos and Patricia and NBCRNA and Heavenly Father.

The test is scheduled at the bountiful Pearson Vue center next Wednesday at 5pm.

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